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Cannabis-infused tarts and cookies crafted with a blend of goodness. Now available across Illinois.

why choose enliven?

why choose enliven?


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  • our cannabis-infused cookies

  • our cannabis-infused cookies

  • our cannabis-infused cookies

  • our cannabis-infused cookies

Higher dose and freshly baked so they’ll taste great while making you feel great.

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helping you
be your best
through cannabis

Enliven Edibles were created to help you live your best life. The microdosed tarts allow you to dial in the exact effects you desire, with the addition of minor cannabinoids to enhance your experience. The cookies are freshly baked with love and light. Both products are made in our world class facility located in Pekin, IL. We are committed to environmental sustainability, and our unique packaging is made from recycled plastic.

“Radiate Boundless Love Towards the Entire World” – Buddha

learn about our cannabinoids

  • CBD
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • THC-V

CBD (Cannabidiol) is perhaps the most well known minor cannabinoid, found singularly in stores all across the US. It is known to reduce inflammation in the body, which reduces minor aches and pains and increases overall wellness. CBD is also know to help relieve anxiety and provide more restful sleep. If you want to reduce your overall anxiety level, consider a daily dose of CBD.

CBG (Cannabigerol) is known for its restorative effects which in combination with THC, may provide greater relaxation than THC alone. CBG can be used as a recovery agent, allowing active people to help their bodies relax and recover. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation after a long day’s work or athletic training, reach for this to aid in your recovery!

CBN (Cannabinol) is known for its sedative properties and can be used as a sleep-aid. The sedating effects of CBN, in combination with THC, may lead to greater relaxation than THC alone. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, try this to get your best night’s sleep yet!

THC-V (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is known to produce a more motivated, alert and energizing feeling of euphoria. For this reason, it is often recommended for daytime or any time when functionality is important. Additionally, TCHV can cause appetite suppression. If you want to enjoy a buzz without getting the munchies, try this out!

an introduction to edibles

Everyone’s metabolism is different and therefore all have a different reaction to cannabis edibles. It is important for you to understand how to properly dose cannabis edibles to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


1 - 5mg

If you have never experimented with edibles, you should start here. It’s important to ensure that your body can digest cannabis.


5 - 10mg

This is considered a single serving. Consuming more than 10mg at one serving is not recommended.

10 - 25mg

Reserved for those who have
a high tolerance to edibles,
or with medical needs.